WELCOME to the Ignite Ministry website! We invite you to take a look around and see all that God is doing in our community here in Honduras.

Ignite Ministry is a Christian Community Development Center located in the rural community of Aguas Del Padre just outside of Siguatepeque, Honduras. We have been serving in this community since 2007 and feel very invested in seeing God’s Kingdom established and advanced all around us.  We believe it is possible to see and be part of the TRANSFORMATION we wholeheartedly believe that God is bringing and wanting to bring to His beloved right here to rural Honduras.

As an Interdenominational ministry family we aim to present Jesus through practical ways which emphasize God’s love toward each of us.  We believe that if you can meet the needs of the people with Christ centered ministry  they will personally experience God’s love – thus seeing change in their hearts, their lives, their families, and community and to the nation. The areas that we are specifically targeting are: Education, Healthcare, Families, Spiritual Growth and Community Sustaining Projects. For more information on each of these areas take a look here!