The current education system in Honduras is very different from that of the normal school system in the States. To understand why we run schools lets first look at the “normal” Honduras school system.


public school in the mountains

Public education in Honduras is provided free as it is mandatory for children to attend at the primary level (Age 6 to 12). World Bank statistics say that there is only an 80% completion rate in primary education. With a high dropout after primary only  64% will enroll for secondary education.*

In typical situations, children have to quit school permanently to work at an early age to help support their families. Even though school is fully state-subsidized up till the 6th grade, many children are still unable to attend school because their families can not afford to buy uniforms and school supplies.

Another problem that not every community has a middle or high school. Meaning that kids must walk long distances, incur added transportation costs or even move to live with a relative while continuing their studies.

What is our response as Ignite Ministry:
We as Ignite Ministry aim to help those in our community have access to a good education. There are many ways that we are currently doing this, but also ways that we are envisioning this growing over time for our community. We currently have a middle school called “Colegio Ignite” and a pre-school calledIgnite Infantil“. Please check out their separate pages for information them Each!


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