Early Learning Center

IGNITE INFANTIL patchOur early learning center, called Ignite Infantil, has been providing education since March of 2017.

Ignite Infantil is an early learning center that offers advanced education for children, with a dual-language focus. The goal of our program is to confidently prepare children for  the start to their academic careers with an emphasis on the importance and value of education and equipping them with the basic skills needed to succeed academically.

The classroom tutors use a creative and bilingual curriculum where each teaching lesson is accompanied with a wide variety of activities and books both in Spanish and English. Each daily lesson is designed to equip and to grow each child in their comprehension of a number of subjects such as: mathematics,  science, physics, technology, social studies, arts, literacy and language including English language acquisition.

Each child enrolled in Ignite Infantil is also receives wellness checkups each trimester,  and takes part of our daily vitamin regimen, and year de-parasiting treatments to help aid in their growth and well-being.