More than just a middle school.

The activity that we did with the students came from a problem that we see with our society here. That many are becoming pregnant as teenagers. There are also a lot of teens that are dropping out of school because of bad decisions that they’ve made while leaving behind their principles. So then seeing this situation we made the decision to teach our students in the middle school about sexuality including about sleeping around and the consequences from those bad decisions.

We first had an activity where the students needed “make” a baby with 6 pounds of weight – rocks, grains, dirt, flour – and then take care of it and carry it around for a week. Home, school, on the bus it was to go with them everywhere. This was eye opening for many of them to know that they couldn’t just leave the baby with their parents (something that happens all the time here in Honduras).

Then  we had showed them how hard it is to have a baby before the right time and even more so as a teen. The main idea was that to teach that the best option was to abstain from a sexual relationship and to wait until marriage.

As a final part of the teaching most of the female students were brought to the regional hospital to see a live birth and to see how hard it is, and that it’s not so simple to actually have baby.

In the words of one of the students –“You guys care about us more than even some of our parents. You are looking beyond just our education but are teaching us about life  – and you care about us!”