Partnership Projects

Below are a number of building projects and needs that we have as a ministry.
Please prayerfully consider partnering with us.

New Middle School Classroom:

This project will help meet our  needs of having a larger classroom for the middle school  and open up our current space on the first floor to be a multipurpose room. Having a school room separate to a multipurpose room is crucial as it will allow us to have seminars, workshops, retreats, community meetings, etc.  The expansion will be to the second level to what is currently the middle school and office areas.   This project will include a bathroom addition, a storage room/teacher’s office and electrical wiring to meet the needs of middle school computer usage.

Estimated project cost: $25,000


We need transportation for school field trips and for hosting teams and basically we just  need room to transport more people.

Estimated cost: $15,000

Comedor (Feeding program)

This comedor will have the unique ability to function in three of our target ares: spiritual, health, and education. Through the feeding program we plan to start with 50 kids from our community with meals 4 days a week as well as a vitamin regime.  We will first extend this program first to  our students, many of which are living below the poverty level in our rural community. In addition to our students, we want to open this up for other children identified as living in poverty or in need of such a program.

According to USAID –  an estimated 1.5 million Hondurans face hunger at some point each year, and regular, prolonged droughts affect the food and nutritional security of the most vulnerable populations Honduras. There is also huge disparity in chronic undernutrition according to maternal education and wealth levels.

Estimated Start-up costs: $4,000
For area renovation,  kitchen setup, equipment purchases

Estimated monthly Costs: $2,200
Food to provide meals for 50 kids (4 days a week), vitamins,
utilities and a part-time paid coordinator.