Pregnancy Care & Doula Work

How the pregnancy care and doula ministry began: In 2007 a number of local ladies and missionaries started to visit the public birthing clinic to pray for the woman and families there. Over the years this ministry has developed to include many more people, classes and training programs and now runs under the name of Ministry Renee.

What do we do as Ministry Renee: 

  • Prenatal Checkups: We offer affordable basic  pre-natal check-ups for expecting mothers that live in rural communities. We are able to check blood pressure, fetal heart tones, glucose levels in addition to providing good prenatal vitamins to each mother.
  • Pregnancy Education Classes: We offer a number of prenatal education classes for  individuals, couples, and larger groups that meet at the public birthing clinic. Classes cover a range of topics from nutrition, comfort measures and exercises in pregnancy, pain in labor, what is labor, how to use a birth ball and other laboring techniques, and  lactation.
  • Doula Training Seminar: We offer yearly doula training seminars for those seeking to become a doula, with a focus of work in Honduras. Our training seminar are 6 days full days that cover a range of topics with an emphasis on  Honduran culture in birth, clinic standards and rules as well as specific techniques to help laboring mothers in Honduras.
  • Doula Service: Here in Honduras its common that woman birth without family members present and seeing that most clinics and hospitals are understaffed many women are left alone for hours to labor. As doulas, we are able to enter into a number of clinic and accompany laboring women, free of charge. We are often helping first-time teenage mothers who are scared, anxious and suffering through labor. Currently we work in a number of locations. We continue to visit and assist as doulas in our cities public birthing clinic as well as in the regional hospital that is located in the next city over. In addition too these places, we have been able to enter a few private birthing centers as well as doulas.
  • Doula Interns: We have many opportunities for those that have been trained with us or else where that are seeking to continue their training serving as doula volunteers for 3 months and onward. Time here as a doula intern will be balanced between doula work in clinics, assisting with educational classes, lactation consults and other general ministry needs.  Speaking Spanish is not necessary, but is highly recommended.

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