Strategic Alliance Trips

Hello from the “The Trench” here in Siguatepeque, Honduras!  As Christians, we form part of the a LARGE army that is to advance God’s Kingdom here on earth. As members of this army each of us form part of a team in different “trenches” (churches, ministries, etc) all over the world (Please see our post about “The Trench”). Please note that by your team, or you individually coming we will labor together, warfare together, have communion together and together we will ALIGN forces to advance God’s Kingdom here in Honduras!

Alliance teams are so key and very needed. In addition to serving in unity, building new friendships, discovering new and sometimes old giftings- imagine soldiers fighting with limited resources on a daily basis. Alliance teams come in with fresh man/woman power, resources and encouragement and so much more! It is a time for all of us to grow together as we serve Him together. There is so much power in unity especially as CHRISTIANS! Declaring VICTORY together.

For answers to  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) please follow this link: Strategic Alliance – FAQs

If you would like to come with a team or as an individual please fill out our contact form!!